Hybrid Super SUM

The best choice for AL. Melting & Heat Treatment

Hybrid Super SUM

The equipment is a high-efficiency, rapid melting furnace that continuously melts aluminum alloy ingot and return scraps. It has been developed to ensure focused smelting of aluminum in the furnace by tapping into the company time-honored technology and know-how.

The system is composed of furnace body, melting room, preheating tower, holding room, combustion & heater, Ingot & Return Scrap Charging System, control system etc.

The high-efficiency rapid melting furnace, which has been developed to smelt aluminum alloy, can be more effective in terms of energy, quality, and manpower with its pre-heater that uses waste heat, automatic supply of raw materials, and clean molten metal management that generates less oxides.

(Smelting: gas (LNG), holding: electricity (upper immersion SiC heater & tube)



Equipment that adopts the system for moving molten metal by tilting a hydraulic cylinder.